winter 2016

Uh huh…this pretty much sums it up.

P.S. You will not be missed



Moving madness

The past two weeks have been intense! It all started with the shock of my winter widow-ness, even though I knew it was coming, as it does every year, it somehow seemed to sneak up on me and smack me right across the face.  So, with a fresh sting on my cheek I said my goodbyes (to myself of course or maybe it was to the wall or the tower of moving boxes) “It was nice knowing you husband, I will see you in the spring, may the force be with you Sterling” I then continued to single handedly pack and un- pack my family of five. Whilst starting the build of our new house, meeting the needs of 3 children, meals, activities and normal day to day life and to boot a five year olds birthday party. It’s been exhausting, but I’m not complaining… we sold our apartment!!! We are building a house!!! My kids are amazing, happy and healthy and I am so lucky I get to stay at home with these babes, to pack and unpack all there tiny clothes, to cook them meals, to snuggle and listen to them whenever they need me and to create special birthday memories.  These are the days my friends, the utter chaos and sheer joy of building a life together for your family.  I LOVE IT, I truly, truly love it and I’m inhaling… deeply… every scrumptious moment…IMG_4516.jpgIMG_4488.jpgIMG_4459.jpgIMG_4760.jpgIMG_4754.jpgIMG_4763.jpg

The price I paid

to peel a singular potato…

Some truly lovely items were brought into the kitchen from the laundry basket including a dirty rag, a pair of pants and a stinky kitchen towel. Nice! And thank you, I definitely needed that shit in here. Oh, but wait… also notice the cracker which was yummy, until he found an apple which was obviously WAY MORE YUMMY… DUH!!!  So, goodbye boring cracker, to the floor you go… smash smash and hello potatoes you look much more accessible scattered all over the kitchen floor… for someone (me) to break their F###ing neck on…

one potato peeled only 10 more to go…


Happy Turkey day

This year I am thankful for all the obvious things in my life… the love of a great man, my beautiful girls and my darling little boy, for my wonderful friends, for all our extended family and for good health. My heart is full and so are my hands… so for this years turkey day I am especially thankful for this squishy baby bum because in another blink of an eye my chubby baby, my last baby, will be bigger and even though there will be more to be grateful for, I want to remember this… this moment… this chubby goodness… that I literally cannot get enough of!

Enjoy the look of an idiot mother who is shamelessly thankful for baby bums!

GOOBLE(D) GOOBLE(D)…(him all up)! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!



First skin of the season

Hello Monday, hello winter, hello sunshine, blue skies and picnic with my favourite guys. Welcome back winter and thank you for an amazing day-this truly is a beautiful life. # GratefultothemoonandbackIMG_4239.jpgIMG_4263.jpg


Happy mountain baby in a backpackIMG_4299.jpgIMG_4289.jpgIMG_4265.jpg

Baby mountain thunder enjoying this view.IMG_4259.jpg

While devouring a sandwich and wiping the remains all over his parents…ahhhh life is good!